***Originally published at www.leonardsreview.co.uk and www.activate.uk.net*** The Conservatives can win the youth vote, but first,

In response to the government winning the vote in the House of Commons passing The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

The campaign before the referendum on June 23rd was – as almost every election or referendum is – smeared with exaggeration,

This morning, Britain awoke in disbelief to Donald J Trump as the President-elect of the the United States. Emotions are high, the

I think that Britain should vote to leave the European Union, because a Britain outside the European Union would be better for Europe,

The status quo on 23rd of June is not on offer. The leaders of the EU want a Europe-wide super-state which undermines national

This week in The Times, George Osbourne published a passionate and clear statement regarding his reasons for wanting Britain to remain

It’s a quote that was popularised by the former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, that “If a man is not a socialist by