Web Design. Software Development.

Whether you are a sole trader, small business owner or leader of a charity, you need to have a clear, accessible and attractive online presence.

Whether it is WordPress website, HTML5 front-end or a fully dynamic web application, I will work with you to elicit your unique business goals and to identify the right approach to providing the technical solution to fit your needs.

Digital Policy. Thorough Analysis And Research.

Local government, central government, regulators and corporations all need to make the most the capabilities which technology can offer.

I can discuss your particular strategic objectives and deliver quality analysis of your markets, user-base, procurement options, and operations systems in order to identify ways in which digital reform could increase your business outcomes. This will be delivered as an evidence-based report with actionable recommendations.

Cyber Security. Make Sure You’re Protected.

Global economic hard cause by cyber attacks is now estimated at $400 billion worldwide.  How are you responding to your threats?

Through working alongside your organisation, I can identify any vulnerable data and assets, establish proportionate and effective preventative measures, and improve your ability to respond effectively to targeted cyber threats.

Data Analysis. Extracting Meaningful Insights.

Data is king. That’s the reality of the global economy moving forward and your business needs to make the most of the data it holds.

Every company holds a unique set of data as determined by its business model and practices. This data holds far more significance, and risk, than is obvious at face value. I can work with you to analyse your data using state-of-the-art techniques, such as deep learning and data enrichment processes, in order to locate the actionable intelligence to drive your business forward.

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